Structure & rule book

Unite is a modern trade union for the 21st century, democratic and responsive to member’s needs. Unite’s structure is one in which members are encouraged to get involved and have their say. This page includes information about and links on the Unite executive council, the structure of the union, having your say and the Unite rule book.


Unite recognises the importance members attach to pensions. Pensions are earned whilst members are at work and represent deferred pay payable in retirement. The Union’s objective is to maintain and secure for all members a decent and secure pension income accessible at member choice from age 60 onwards.


Unite is firmly committed to equality for all, and the members of our union are a strong representation of the diversity within our communities. Equal and fair treatment both at work and in society is a key priority for our union, and we make it clear that we all have a duty to challenge discrimination, harassment and bullying whenever possible.

Health & safety

Everyone has the right to work in a healthy, safe environment. It is a well established fact that unionised workplaces with active safety reps are safer workplaces. Unite safety reps have a range of functions which they can exercise at work.


Unite International department has built up strong relationships with trade unions around the globe both through union to union work and through our colleagues who are affiliated to the European and Global trade union federations.

Research & resources

Unite’s research department provides information, analysis and advice on a range of work-related and policy issues.


The Unite Policy Conference is the supreme decision making body of the union held every two years, and is made up of around 650 lay members from Unite’s 20 sectors and 10 regions and equality structures.

Campaigning to win

Campaigning is a key part of what we do and many of our activists are experienced campaigners, but every one of us can get involved and organise campaigns. Here are some basic tips and downloadable guides to help you along.