STOP Universal Credit

Despite knowing Universal Credit causes serious problems for claimants, the Tory government is pressing ahead and rolling it out to thousands of people who will have to wait weeks to receive any money.

Diesel exhaust can kill – report it!

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the Unite diesel exhaust emissions register. Your responses will help us draw up a map to measure the level of diesel fume exposures in workplaces.

Sports Direct: Stop your shameful work practices

Thousands of warehouse workers are still on temporary agency contracts and only guaranteed 336 hours work a year. Denied the security and dignity of a permanent contract with Sports Direct, many work in fear of losing their job at a moment’s notice.

A home is a human right

House prices are now 14 times the average salary and 600 families a day face losing their homes. Private rents are spiralling and insecure tenancies are the main cause of homelessness as people become more vulnerable to rip-off landlords in an unregulated market.

Fair tips for waiting staff

Help us, finally, get justice for workers and customers alike. Please email your MP, asking them to put pressure on the government to take action on tips and publish its report!

Save our steel

Throughout the huge challenges of the past few years, the steel unions have always called for Tata to act as a responsible owner of our proud industry. Companies come and go, but the workers and the local communities remain, and their long term future must be safeguarded.

Better Loos 4 U

Toilet breaks are a basic necessity, but for the UK’s 300,000 truck drivers getting access – if at all – to decent loos is a lottery. It’s humiliating and degrading – not to mention a public health hazard.